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Asset Management

Revo Asset management system is all about providing value to an inventory of excess and obsolete assets whilst minimising costs and liabilities The expenses in a telecom company (like any other company) are typically classified into 2 categories:
  1. Capital Expenditure or CapEx:This is the expenditure on procuring materials such as hardware /software required for the running of the business.
  2. Operational Expenditure or OpEx:This is the regular operations expenses of running the business. These are typically costs that the company incurs at a fixed frequency. Such as warehousing for equipment purchased but now not in operation.

Our asset management program is designed to relieve the CAPEXS and OPEX pressure on a network.

Example A. CAPEX benefits

A network needs to keep up with it’s users. The users typically demand the latest services and applications and the network needs to upgrade its infrastructure to provide the latest services and applications. Equipment that is no longer required or surplus to requirements by one network operator may be equipment that is required by another operator in another part of the world.

We help operators monetize this surplus equipment by identifying requirements for this equipment with our network / infrastructure clients and selling them onwards. This results in revenue from surplus hardware that can be offset against purchases of new equipment.

Example B. CAPEX benefits

A network will typically have excess equipment storage expenses and costs associated with this. We relieve the OPEX costs by talking surplus stock in-house into our own warehouse while the operator still keeps ownership over their inventory.

We identify buyers for this inventory and over time the inventory is sold off with the sales proceeds going to the operator. We will discuss and agree the cost/split fees for this sale in advance with the operator. free of warehousing and personnel costs on a recurring basis helps ease the OPEX pressure on the network.

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